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The Legacy Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy - 1839 Words

â€Å"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future† (Matuz 574). John Fitzgerald Kennedy believed that change is inevitable. It was going to happen not matter what and will affect and alter life, but if one dwells on the past they will miss out on all of the good things change will bring you in the future. Which represents JFK’s presidency, he always focused on the conflict in front of him and did what he could to improve the nation. As one of the youngest, energetic presidents he represented his years as president, full of social reform, and improving foreign relations. After his assassination, Americans summed up his presidency as â€Å"dependable† with the way he handled the Cuban†¦show more content†¦Roosevelt. Joseph Kenney then became appointed ambassador of Great Britain where JFK joined him in 1937 and 1939. He became familiar with British diplomats leaders such as Winston Churchill. Af ter World War II, he returned back to Harvard where he finished his famous thesis. Which was about the Munich Pact during WWII, which was published as a book, Why England Slept. He entered the Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 1940; He traveled in South America a volunteered in the army. He was rejected because his back injury but later accepted by the Navy. Kennedy entered the U.S. Senate in 1952 where he started campaigning against Republican Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. and beat him in a close race. He married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in 1953, which were a photographer and a journalist from a wealthy family. The following year he went through a tough surgery for is back which failed causing him to go through another, which finally reduced his back pain. During his recovery period, he wrote, Profiles in Courage, which were a collection of essays on eight U.S. Senators. When it became published he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1957. With great accomplishments came hards hips. The Kennedys suffered two miscarriages but finally had Caroline in 1957 and a son three years later. Years later his national reputation grew when he made a nominating speech for former Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson at the 1956 Democratic convention. Stevenson then

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War of 1812 Essay examples - 866 Words

The War of 1812 American frigates won a series of single-ship engagements with British frigates, and American privateers continually hurried British shipping. The captains and crew of the frigates constitution and United States became renowned throughout America. Meanwhile, the British gradually tightened a blockade around Americas coasts, ruining American trade, threatening American finances, and exposing the entire coastline to British attack. U.S. forces were not ready for war, and American hopes of conquering Canada collapsed in the campaigns of 1812 and 1813. The initial plan called for a three-pronged offensive: from Lake Champlain to Montreal; across the Niagara frontier: and into Upper Canada from Detroit. The attacks were†¦show more content†¦In this battle, the great Shawnee chief Tecumseh, who had harassed the northwestern frontier since 1811, was killed while fighting on the British side. The situation was particularly serious for the United States because the country was bankrupt by the fall of 1814, and in New England opponents of the war were discussing separation from the Union. The Hartford Convention that met in Connecticut in December 1814 and January 1815 stopped short of such an extreme step but suggested a number of constitutional amendments to restrict federal power. Like its beginning, the end of the War of 1812 much depended on what transpired in Europe. With Napoleon defeated, the British could siphon their forces off to North America. This meant invasion and possible defeat of the United States. For Britain, this meant security for Canada and the possibility of a more favorable bargaining position in case of a peace settlement. However, the negotiations that followed Napoleons defeat also needed the presence of British troops. Thus, the entire army could not simply be transported to North America. Some warships had to stay behind to defend merchant vessels against privateers. As well, Britain had been at war with Napoleon for twenty years. Exhausted by the war, the idea of more fighting with the United States would soon become unpopular with the people. As a result, demandShow MoreRelatedThe War of 1812672 Words   |  3 PagesThe War of 1812 was caused by the many conflicts with Great Britain and France. Even though the United States had made many efforts to stay out of the Napoleonic Wars, the conflict was not avoided. The United States had three primary reasons for declaring war: impressments and violations of trading rights, Indian conflicts, and a desire for western territory. For many years Great Britain and France violated the United States’ neutral shipping rights by confiscating American ships and impressingRead MoreWar of 18121643 Words   |  7 PagesThe War of 1812 was a war between Britain and the United States fought primarily in Upper Canada. It had many causes, few which involved British North America. The results of the war include the fact that there was no clear winner or loser among them. The only real losers in the situation were the Natives in the region. They were driven out of their lands and customs. None of the borders was changed by the war, though many attempts were made. The Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war, did nothingRead MoreThe War Of 1812867 Words   |  4 PagesThe build up to the War of 1812 began nearly a decade prior to the start of the military action. Jefferson and the Republican vision slashed spending and government all around, leaving the military depleted and operating on Jefferson s â€Å"Gun Boat Diplomacy,† which meant America had just enough boats to protect American coasts but not enough to partake in any offshore activities. This left America vulnerable to the tactics employed by the British when combat resumed between England and France, andRead More War of 1812 Essay1612 Words   |  7 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The War of 1812 was a war between Britain and the United States fought primarily in Upper Canada. It had many causes, few which involved British North America. The results of the war include the fact that there was no clear winner or loser among them. The only real losers in the situation were the Natives in the region. They were driven out of their lands and customs. None of the borders was changed by the war, though many attempts were made. The Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war, did nothingRead More The War of 1812 Essay1090 Words   |  5 Pages The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and England. Ending in 1815 with the Treaty o f Ghent, the war did not accomplish any of the issues it was being fought over. For the US, the War of 1812 seemed to just be one failure after another. Although the military suffered great failure during the war, these were the direct consequence of the failure of the citizens to unite for the causes of the war. Because of these failures, it is quite valid to call the War of 1812 quot;Americas worst-foughtRead More The War of 1812 Essay1307 Words   |  6 PagesThe War Of 1812 The War of 1812 took place while president James Madison was in office. Madison was born in Orange County, Virginia in 1751. He attended the College of New Jersey, which is now well known as Princeton. Madison did many significant things both before and after he was in office. He participated in the framing of the Virginia Constitution, served in the Continental Congress and he was also a leader in the Virginia Assembly. One of his major contributions was a ratification to the ConstitutionRead MoreThe Battle Of The War Of 18121487 Words   |  6 PagesThe War of 1812 had many tremendous battles that featured the newly formed American Army verse the well-established British forces. The Americans were forced to declare war of the British because the British refused to stop interfering with American trade, impressment of American sailor, and support for Indian attacks on new American settlements. The United States had to quickly The Battle of Baltimore was the most significant battl e in the War of 1812 because it drove back the British Navy intoRead MoreCause Of The War Of 18121643 Words   |  7 PagesCauses of the War of 1812 Introduction Horsman pg 14 It is easier to show why America should have gone to war in 1807 or 1809 rather than in 1812 Pg 18 It was not the achievement of independence but the outbreak of war between England and France in 1793 that ultimately lead to the war of 1812 Pg 24 Threat of Invasion England went back to war with france in 1803. Napoleon was determined to defeat England on her own soil and never again until the summer of 1940 was England so near invasion andRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The British War Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction War of 1812 was a conflict between the United States of America forces and the British Empire. Because the British feared that trade with the United States was harmful for the battle with France, they ended up restricting trade between them. Additionally, the British forces feared that the United States’ forces wanted to set up an Indian State in the West in order to maintain a strong influence in the region. This explains why more than 10,000 Native American engaged in fighting on theRead More War of 1812 Essay1342 Words   |  6 Pages The War of 1812 nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The United States of America began to see the effects of Anglo-French War by the early 1800s. This European quarrel began affecting the United States shipping industry. Britain and France were violating neutral shipping rights of American merchants. They thought of America as weak due to inadequate time the nation had to develop. These violations were the first and primary provoking factors that led to war with Britain. There was reason that Britain

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Bottled Water in Australia Free Essays

Bling h2o is a high end or â€Å"Super Luxury† bottled water product created by Kevin G Boyd a Hollywood producer / designer. Bling h2o costs from $US35. 00 to $US2,600. We will write a custom essay sample on Bottled Water in Australia or any similar topic only for you Order Now 00 per bottle and the water is bottled into glass bottles studded with Swarovski crystals. Bling has been featured on MTV music awards and The Emmys and on it’s website refers to itself as the Rolls Royce of bottled water. To identify the potential consumers in Australia we need to look at the target market and market segments bling are looking to fulfill. The premium status, and pricing, that bling put on their product would narrow the geographic segment to the economic centers of Australia, which Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A geographic segmentation is identifying and analysing the location that a company is looking to move into. In Australia a potential geographic profile would start at the state level, then move into cities, then if necessary a municipal level to identify potential consumer (Kotler, P. , Adam, S. , Denize, S. , Armstrong, G. 2009), The demographic make-up of a potential market is made up of the age group, income, occupation, gender, race, education and religion. Demographic segmentation is a popular form of analysis and very important part of identifying the size and methods of communicating with a target market. (Kotler et al, 2009) After reviewing the media on bling and the website the demographic profile for bling would be 20 – 35 year old age bracket with a high level of income. This is supported by bling’s involvement with MTV, The Emmy’s and the price of their product. The psychographic and behavioural segmentation bling would be looking at is a benefits viewpoint (Kotler et al, 2009). The benefits class is the benefits the user perceives to obtaining by using the product. The benefits from bling h2o are that of social status and class by drinking bling users would be setting themselves apart. From the marketing segmentation identified bling would be looking at a young high income earners who place a high importance on their external image. Along with targeting the these individuals, 5 star hotels and up market nightclubs would also be consumers of these products due the overlapping target market and perceived image they are looking to convey. This is identified by bling themselves on their ebsite where Boyd had the idea whilst observing celebrities and how each of them treated the bottled water they drunk In 2004 – 2005 Australians consumed about 550 million litres of bottled water, with worldwide consumption growing 57% from 1999 to 154 billion litres. (Munro 2006). The main industry body in Australia is the ABWI which was established 10 years ago and clai ms its objectives are to promote awareness and use of bottled water, and to ensure that consumers have safe good tasting water. The ABWI boasts member such as Coca- Cola Amatil Ltd and Schweppes Australia ttp://www. bottledwater. org. au/scripts/cgiip. exe/WService=ASP0003/ccms. r? Roxy=0x0002f062=10007 Bottled water is being looked at as a serious environmental issue. The main packaging for bottled water is plastic, which is made from fossil fuels and Australia uses 314,000 barrels of oil in bottling water each year (Koutsoukis, 2007) Although the plastic bottled water comes in is recyclable, Australians are only recycling around 35% of the bottled water they purchases, 55% goes to landfill which accounts for 70,000 tonnes of plastic waste. Koutsoukis, 2007) (Munro 2006). It is been seen as such an environmental issue that Bundanoon, a small town in NSW, has banned the sale of bottled water in its stores when a company was looking to extract water from their underground reservoir, and claims to be the first town in the world to enact such a policy. A review of social media surrounding bling h2o a large percentage of blogs condemned bling for being over priced and had concerns about water being sold at such a premium when much of the world is without clean water. An internet blog by Sassisam title Bling H2O – Ego in a bottle. Sassi Sam points out that she consumes 4 bottles of water a day and that would equate to $US980 per week just for water. Sassi Sam concluded that she would consider buying from bling if they supported charities that focused on supplying clean water to those who don’t have access to it. Bling was featured on the site BoingBoing and points out that people who buy this must be fools. The interactive comments section of BoingBoing raised the issues of the importance of social status and that is reaching ridicules levels. BoingBoing was the only website that brought up the issue of socially responsible marketing by user Cameron Barrett. If the author of this article was the brand manager of bling h20 they would be associating themselves with one of the many charitable organisations that are helping provided clean drinking water. An organisation like charity water is able to provide a person with clean drinking water for $1 a year. This small cost compared to the premium charge would quell the concerns over the ethics of the company and leave the image issue with those who buy it. ttp://www. theage. com. au/news/national/bottled-water-the-new-ecodisaster/2006/02/25/ 1140670303250. html http://www. theage. com. au/articles/2007/08/18/1186857841959. html? page=fullpage#contentSwap1 http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8141569. stm http://www. bottledwater. org. au/scripts/cgiip. exe/WService=ASP0003/ccms. r? Roxy=0x0002f062=10007 Kotler, P. , Adam, S. , Denize, S. , Armstrong, G. (2009), Principles of Marketing. Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest How to cite Bottled Water in Australia, Papers

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The Giver Literary Elements of Style free essay sample

For this song, the Literary Element of Style used is a metaphor. Theyre using objects/ actions that would obviously not be used in this scenario. The first few lyrics is Circles, we going in circles now, obviously theyre not walking in actual circles, they keep repeating the same problems over and over again, They try to fix there problems, but whenever they do they end up at the very begging again. This keeps happening, the problems, them trying to fix it, fighting etc. And like a circle t never ends. Wake up, we both need to wake up once again, theyre obviously not actually sleeping. I think it means that they need to wake up, face reality and realize that no matter what they do, Theyre relationship is not going to work out, because even though they try to fix the problems, something else happens and sets them back, makes them argue even more, which turns into yet another problem, and it all becomes too much. We will write a custom essay sample on The Giver Literary Elements of Style or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When its broken, you say theres nothing to fix now, this is retry self exploitation.The girl thinks the relationship is perfect, or she might Just not care enough to try and fix the problem, which once again, turns into another problem because she might not have cared all along. Think that we got more time, one more falling behind, Goat make up my mind I think this means that they think they have enough time to fix their relationship, when In reality time is running out and their relationship will Just fall apart, because yet another problem has occurred ND their falling behind because theyre trying to fix It, They both need to make up their mind, weather they will stay together or break up.In conclusion; The song Is obviously about a relationship which Is constantly having problems, and Is always in some sort of disagreement. So many disagreements that more arguments arise, and make It harder to fix. They try to fix their problems, but whenever they do they end up at the very begging again. This keeps happening, the problems, them trying to fix It, fighting etc. And Like a circle It never ends.