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Gender Socialization in a Toy Store free essay sample

Transgender?at grabbed my eye the most out of this path was the â€Å"Baby Newborn† doll in view of how genuine the infant doll is contrasted with a genuine child. On the rear of the case it says, â€Å"Without you, Baby Newborn couldn't endure. Through your adoration and backing, Baby Newborn can grow up to be much the same as you. † Already, this doll and that message, tells little youngsters that they can give and deal with an infant all alone, despite the fact that the â€Å"Baby Newborn† doll is simply robotized. To deal with the â€Å"Baby Newborn† doll, you should the significance to consistently look great. Additionally, toys, for example, â€Å"Super Hair Creations,† â€Å"Glamour Girl Set,† Manicure Mania,† and â€Å"Scent Salon Beauty,† likewise, stresses the significance of excellence, alongside the â€Å"Barbie† dolls. These toys show young ladies at a youthful age that fixating on the manner in which you look is significant and what society just may appear to acknowledge. We will compose a custom exposition test on Sexual orientation Socialization in a Toy Store or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page As blinded little youngsters might be by the generalizations these items are instructing, by growing up, it will stick in a young ladies mind psychologically and intellectually the pressure and significance of magnificence that these toys make. My last perception was in the boy’s path. It is as of now a realized sex generalization for young men that they should be predominant and manly by socialization. By following up in the boy’s passageway, I needed to discover toys that focused on those realized sexual orientation generalizations that society has made for young men. To begin with, I ran over toys, for example, â€Å"Starwars Double Take Death Kit,† â€Å"Small Soldiers Karate Fighters,† â€Å"Small Soldiers Action Figures,† and â€Å"WWF Ring Warriors Wrestling Kit. † These four toys have just made sex generalization for young men to be manly. In addition to the fact that it encourages the characteristic of being manly, yet it supports intensity, predominance, forcefulness, and viciousness. Through these toys, it reflects young men contrarily by urging young men to generalization themselves that savagery is the best approach to take care of issues and to be prevailing and solid. It stresses significance from society that those attributes, particularly strength, is the best way to be a â€Å"real man† in our socialization. By and large, the two sexual orientations stress distinctive sex jobs and generalizations just from the toys that them, just as being friendly. That, yet the dolls make a sexual orientation job for little youngsters at such a youthful age, that they are there to deal with kids and to figure out how to nearly resemble a stay at toâ be great and slender for society, just as learning their social jobs as standards at an opportune time throughout everyday life. The boy’s toys could, likewise, participate in influencing their confidence at an early stage, or inevitably, as a result of the sorts of consolations and worries for young men to get together to the desires to be manly and a â€Å"real man. † â€Å"Toys R Us,† doesn't educate as much lack of bias between the two sexual orientations toys. Possibly one day later, the stop of sex generalizing inside toys among young men and young ladies will share and increasingly nonpartisan sexed toys will be made for the two sexual orientations to appreciate.

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Causes and Effects of Teenage Rebellion free essay sample

Youngsters don’t utilize their sound judgment in what’s good and bad. They all ever consider is to have a fabulous time and energy that lead them to nothing but bad. They despite everything demand not to keep their parents’ rules. This insubordination can made adolescents extremely irritating. They won't tune in each word and sentences that their parents’ will say to them. Defiance will turn young people conscienceless. II. High school Rebellion As a feature of their improvement into youthful grown-ups, people must build up a personality autonomous from their folks or family and a limit with respect to free dynamic. They may explore different avenues regarding various jobs, practices, and philosophies as a component of their procedure of building up a personality. Adolescent defiance has been perceived inside brain research as a lot of conduct qualities that override class, culture, or race. III. Reasons for Teenage Rebellion A. Reasons of Rebelling We have to all the more likely comprehend youthful formative stages to help us not accept high school conduct as an individual assault on us. By getting comfortable with these stages, we will build our skill in urging teenagers to set up their feeling of personality. Adolescents are planning to isolate or individuate from the family. They are building up their qualities. Young people must start this detachment and frequently insubordination gives them the vitality to do this. An adolescent difficulties rules and qualities as a method of setting up their distinction. Youths can't do this in a vacuum, yet rather through clash and showdown Adolescents might be inconsiderate or ridicule guardians and other power figures and not have any desire to be with them. In a teenager’s mind, rebellion communicates self-governance and says that the person doesn’t need guardians in and frequently fills in as a trial of parental mindful. Because of body changes, there can be disarray about whether adolescents truly would like to grow up. Hormonal changes since temperament swings set apart by sorrow, uplifted affectability, abrupt flare-ups, an expanded requirement for physical movement and wrong chuckling and snickering. Teenagers start to work out their associations with their companions to discover how they fit in. Youngsters begin identifying with the other gender in an unexpected manner in comparison to they did when they were more youthful (where there were once companionships, sentimental connections as well as profoundly felt negative feelings may surface). Young people have an elevated requirement for security. Encountering protection gives them another feeling of control and independence. They need protection to test things out for themselves without parent input. Young people may feel all-ground-breaking and all-knowing while they experience fears of deficiency and disappointment. Youngsters despite everything need a grown-up to identify with, yet in an unexpected path in comparison to they did when they were more youthful. B. Methods of Rebelling Teenagers have their own particular manner of revolting they drink this mixed refreshments. They smoke these terrible cigarettes, and they remaining out late. They generally attempt to stand out enough to be noticed with this, however it doesn’t do anything great. IV. Impacts of Teenage Rebellion A. Aftereffects of Rebelling It can result to a wrecked future. It can lead adolescents in an inappropriate way. Youngsters affirm autonomy from their folks as they grow up in light of the fact that they are attempting to be grown-up people with discrete lives from their folks. This permits them to move out of the nuclear family some time or another and forestall inbreeding. As tracker finders this would permit new family gatherings and clans to grow consequently extending the scope of the species. Presently this may imply that youngsters don’t tune in to their folks, worrying their folks and conceivably captivating in hazardous practices like terrible driving, drinking, smoking, taking medications and getting explicitly dynamic. Or on the other hand they may very well not center around their school work and permit their evaluations to drop. In an increasingly positive light it likewise implies that they branch out into new regions. They may begin a band, or choose to be a planner, as opposed to a bookkeeper, similar to their folks need them to. These sorts of insubordination permit adolescents to discover exercises and occupations they appreciate, maybe more than the exercises supported by their folks. B. Answer for the Problem It is essential to consider teenagers responsible for their activities. This implies making fitting positive and negative result of ramifications for conduct and being steady with their conveyance. Be clear and straightforward with desires and administers and consistently finish. Screen your adolescents exercises deliberately. Know precisely where your high schooler is proceeding to get all subtleties. Be that as it may, there ought to be a harmony among self-governance and management. Expanding measures of opportunity ought to be earned progressively. Express concern and minding as for your childs wellbeing as opposed to seeming controlling. Empower expert social youngster conduct. Get your kid associated with proactive youth exercises. Recognition ace social conduct and dishearten your youngster from partner with defiant friends. Urge youngsters to utilize their gifts and be of administration to other people. Know that you are a good example. Your youngster is affected by both your words and your activities. Be steady with all understandings. On the off chance that there are close to home issues you are confronting, find support for them. It is typical for youngsters to declare their freedom and test limits. The objective is to be comprehension of juvenile turn of events and simultaneously help your adolescent comprehend that there is clear association between their activities and outcomes. Reacting by being reliable, quiet, promising, and sensible will help keep up trust and regard. End I reason that everyone can experience this adolescent disobedience. It can bring or do either positive or negative. Guardians ought not overlook this sort of conduct. It can cause a lot of harm. Guardians ought not be cruel or severe on their kin. It’s extremely typical for youngsters to be ill humored, forceful or even irate at everything. On the off chance that you acknowledge that generally speaking, at that point you can pick when is the best possible opportunity to release it and when you ought to persistently and capably disclose to them the contrast among good and bad. The key thought process in young disobedience is the desire to locate a reasonable spot in the more noteworthy grown-up world and feel they truly have a place there. Be that as it may, to ensure young people know the whole grown-up world they need to investigate the edges. This is the reason they lean toward outrageous conduct: by acting to the extraordinary, adolescents feel develop enough to be started in the grown-up world. However, their conduct mirrors their absence of information about good and bad and how they bit by bit develop through experimentation. When you get that, you have made the first, and maybe, the most significant advance into managing adolescent disobedience.

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Open my own business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Open my own business - Essay Example It doesn't require a great deal of aptitudes or extraordinary preparing to begin your own body shop, yet the achievement will rely upon your capacity to go the activity well and serve the clients agreeable to them. With such reasons, the accompanying data will help in beginning your own body shop. The best beginning of a business is to have all the legitimate guidelines and permitting necessities met. To enroll the body shop with the express, the state agent can help in its enlistment. The subsequent thing concerning the enrollment is to get the accompanying grants; chamber grants, police permit, state permit, industry measures and appropriation and so forth Plan business cards for the organization which shows the name of organization, address, and administrations advertised. These cards are taken to looks around and put on the entryways. Additionally, these cards can be taken to auto body stores in the area and if individuals the proprietors can be approached to convey them. The business cards ought to be given over to all the workers to convey wherever they go and to everyone they meet. A decent way to deal with spreading business cards is to offer some to dear companions who at that point compose their names on the rear of the card. On the off chance that clients carry these cards with them, the companion who gave out that card can be compensated with two dollars or free assistance at the shop. The following thing is to look at for significant automobile parts merchants in the zone and different wellsprings of discount estimated hardware parts. Crash fixes of vehicles, trucks, RVs and different cars, unintentional related mechanical work, motor diagnostics, airbag framework substitutions, artworks, heated on completes, normal upkeep, tire and wheel mounting, arrangement, oil changes and other check ups. They should be expressed relying upon the accessible capital, technicians’ aptitudes, and size of business. Qualified (gifted) workers are a lift to any business. It

Decline of Security Values in Immigration Department

Decay of Security Values in Immigration Department An examination of the decay of security esteems in the Malawi Immigration Department 1.0 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND As indicated by Taylor (2013), security esteem is characterized as a mental catch articulation that is seen to be the last contention to decide activity or response by the dominant part. Security esteems are characteristics and norms that have a specific load in the selection of activities that recommends the best possible direct all in all just as specific circumstances Burges (2002). It is the crucial guideline on which the social, political and physical presence of the state is based Simonie L. (2002). Security establishments are extraordinarily mindful of the requirement for security esteems in open condition in this century subsequently the rise of an agreement that great administration and sound open organization support reasonable improvement of the state. Along these lines, security esteems are broadly learned and prepared in detail, in various security specific organizations so as to offer the types of assistance and help keep the country sheltered and prosperous Steven (201 1). They bear a genuine dependence and devotion of the nation’s constitution, the satisfaction of commitments and guides officials to keep away from alternate routes that would subvert the ideal trustworthiness of administration yield of the country. It is through making sure about such qualities that a nation can achieve dynamic turn of events and financial prosperity. These security esteems are communicated in officials through regarding people in general as they ought to be dealt with, with pride and regard, serving or leading the country’s administration without thought of acknowledgment or gains and furthermore conveying open administrations in the necessary established way (Ross 2011). The Malawi Immigration Department is one of only a handful hardly any security specific organizations in Malawi, set up to completing, acting, and satisfying such qualities so as to accomplish a superior favorable made sure about condition of the country’s security destinations. It is a particular security foundation in Malawi, with security esteems hypothesized in the Republic’s constitution, Immigration Acts and furthermore Citizenship Act and even the working standards, vision and crucial, help the officials perform likewise Immigration Strategic Plan(2011). In the division, security esteems envelops dependability, commitment, regard, caring help, notoriety, trustworthiness and devotion in serving the state and the overall population from inward just as outer dangers Immigration Department Service Charter (2008). These qualities goes about as a compass that manages the division and officials in each and all that they do and speak to what the administration accept and care about. Security esteems as specified unmistakably show that they can't be considered in disengagement from one another as they frequently cover Chapunga (2012). Security esteems are required to coordinate into both the foundation and officer’s choices, activities approaches, procedures, frameworks and furthermore in the manner in which various partners of various kind and the regular open are managed. The paper seconds the way that manageability of security esteems is the main foundation of good administration and majority rules system which can help the prosperity of the nation. This exploration along these lines, means to examine the security estimations of the Malawi migration division officials and investigate whether they are continued with respect to the necessary standard desire for both the overall population and the country. The Malawi Immigration Department exists under the Ministry of Home undertakings and Internal Security to continue a portion of the country’s security obligations while perceiving and holding fast to security esteems. The establishment has a basic task to carry out in serving the nation while seeing that security esteems are not abused at all. The Malawi Immigration jobs are guided by the laws of Malawi just as the Republic of Malawi constitution under Section 47 and furthermore administered by two acts which are; the Citizenship Act (CAP 15:01) and the Immigration Act (CAP 15:03). The office has an immense security obligation to control of individuals entering and leaving the nation, procedure and issue head out records to qualified individuals as per the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules, procedure and issue Citizenships, Residence, Work Permits and Visas as per the current approaches, screen, follow and catch the foreigners, and repatriate unlawful outs iders so as to advance and protect the security of the state. In any case, the office requests a lot of honesty and loyalty of officials to defend the nation’s motivation behind presence and security targets with the prepared security esteems they contain. Subsequently expected to have great notoriety in directing their obligations so as to fabricate trust and trust in the individuals it fills in just as to the maintainability of the entire country security esteems. In other word, the more the division settles on decisions made on respectability, the more worth will influence the overall population just as the country. In this way, the office quality and standard of their obligations depend on its prepared officials to exhibit such qualities in their decision of activity that ought to recommend the best possible direct of the qualities Ng’oma (2011). As of late, there has been an objection from the overall population concerning the evil redemption of migration various obligations. This has pulled in the specialist to scrutinize the respectability of the division. Numerous individuals including various associations, for example, media, the common society associations, the Ant-Corruption Bureau and other Non-administrative association, have expounded much on the evil conveying of various administrations of the division. As per the Nation Newspaper April (2013) detailed the situations where three movement officials prepared and gave Malawian identifications to two Burundians and one Nigerian to empower them travel to United realm just as Italy. As it is notable that Malawi’s identification doesn't expect visa to enter in most created nations subsequently nations whose notoriety is contrarily influenced with wrongdoing would need to use to simple their relocation to such states. In this manner most officials are paid off to pe rmit such misbehavior occur. The ongoing information has demonstrated the fast increment of the expansion reports concerning the unlawful foreigners, movement officials abusing the overall population as not expected Mwakasungula (2012). The Immigration key arrangement (2008) specified the period inside which the new visa framework would convey and focused on the handling of the ordinary identification to occur inside 21 days. This has not been the situation since from the day of its execution, just a couple of rich people have had the option to obtain the administration in due guaranteed period. The office has neglected to satisfy its commitments and furthermore their ethics as security establishment has been lost Chibwana (November Sunday Daily Times, 2014). In this way the last unmistakably depicts the decrease in security estimations of the officials and discoloring the department’s respectability just as of the national security the executives. This development pulls in t he scientist to research the contributing variable to such adverse advancement since as security officials who are all around prepared with various worth aptitude and abilities to help accomplish the nation’s security expected goals no longer appear to be trusted by the individuals whom they expected to serve. The entire execution of the officials is estimated by the working worth standards which are set up inside the office. 1.1 STATEMENT PROBLEM In the movement division there is a decay of security esteems appeared through the officers’ direct in the manner they do their administrations. True to form by the nation, it is the obligation of the officials to complete their duties with much trustworthiness so as to defend the security estimations of the office in accordance with their prepared set of accepted rules habits to meet the national security expected goals Immigration Manual Book (1999). While there are numerous security organizations with gossipy tidbits about defilements and other security moral rot in security division, movement office is by all accounts positioning with progressively negative episodes and cases Ant-Corruption Assessment (2010). Debasement, late conveyance of administrations, carelessness, inability to control the deluge of illicit outsiders, issuance of the Malawi visa to ineligible individuals are describing and marking the office. This is overcoming the proposed prepared security estimatio ns of the office as laid out in the branch of movement rules of direct and laws. Where the working security esteems have been very much verbalized, for example, responsibility, straightforwardness, high level of trustworthiness and genuineness, degenerate free, responsiveness and creativity, regard and finally advertising. This is a test not exclusively to the division of migration as an establishment yet in addition, influences the uprightness of the legislature just as the entire national security the board in Malawi (Immigration Service Charter, 2008). Consequently, this is issue commendable researching the affecting elements. Part TWO 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW Baldwin (2002) characterizes security esteems and standards as ethics which are installed and prepared inside security specific associations. Baldwin explored that security esteems can be changed whenever to suit the globalization standards where there is universal policing and cross-outskirt policing to oblige the change esteems. Due to such changes, numerous components and factors commonly impact each other to fit in the new security societies. Baldwin’s examine discoveries was associated with the changing idea of custom security convictions to the new security convictions because of the idea of the world. The analyst recognizes Baldwin�

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20 Best Online Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Your brain doesn’t turn off when some dean moves the tassel on your mortarboard from one side to the other. Common wisdom says that learning is a lifelong process and unbeholden to diplomas or minimum credit hours. For educators, it’s especially important to continue learning, as educational practices are continually revised and updated. That’s where the best online curriculum and instruction Master’s programs come in. They enhance the skill set of educators, enabling them to see the most successful ways to reach students, address the needs of a learning environment, and step up their game as educators in general. What Is a Curriculum and Instruction Master’s? Studying education as an undergrad and earning a teaching certificate covers the basics. A Master’s in curriculum and instruction is essentially advanced coursework that blends educational theory with practical guidance to enable educators to work at a higher level. As the University of Kansas puts it, â€Å"The curriculum you construct and use can have a profound effect on your students lives. By developing your strengths as an instructor and learning to build a stronger curriculum, you can give your students the best possible advantage.† Classes cover topics like multicultural education (important in an increasingly diverse nation), planning curriculum, data and tech literacy, assessing progress and providing feedback, and much more. Many degree programs provide specializations, such as STEM, early childhood education, English for non-native speakers, languages, literacy studies, and more. In some programs, students must select a concentration area, but others allow for a more general course of study. Requirements across programs can vary significantly; some programs require teaching experience and a teaching certificate while others require the GRE or the Praxis teaching test. Several offer thesis and practicum options. All of these degrees are earned online, though some schools offer hybrid programs that offer some in-person instruction. Generally speaking, online work is asynchronous, meaning you complete the coursework on your own schedule, while meeting assignment deadlines. The degree cost varies considerably; the 20 best online Master’s in curriculum and education programs range from $6,785 per academic year to $20,976. We calculated those numbers using tuition as a base and factor in financial aid opportunities. The average cost is $15,179, with a median of $15,635. Careers for a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction Universities tend to gear their degrees toward working teachers, particularly those looking to increase their seniority and earning power perhaps in a role like principal or other senior administrator. But the potential goes beyond that. Texas Tech notes the training is applicable for roles in government and business. Florida Atlantic University drops titles like curriculum specialist, professional development chair, assistant principal, adjunct instructor, and training specialist. Northwest Missouri State University adds corporate trainer. In short, a Master’s in curriculum and instruction can enhance teaching skills and lead to roles outside of the classroom. Numerous jobs can come from the degree, but perhaps the most obvious is instructional coordinator, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics defines as someone who â€Å"oversees school curriculums and teaching standards.† The BLS estimates there are 181,600 of those positions currently in the United States, with another 11,500 expected to be added by 2028. That’s a growth rate of 6%, roughly the average for all occupations in the U.S. Similar occupations include literacy instructors, school and career counselors, training and development managers, and librarians. Masters in Curriculum and Instruction Salary Potential Looking at Bureau of Labor Statistics information, instructional coordinators earn a median annual salary of $64,450, with the lowest 10 percent earning $36,360, and the highest 10 percent $102,200. The best paying jobs among instructional coordinators come from the government. Other notable related jobs include principals, who make a median annual salary of $95,310 per the BLS, versus the less than $60,000 median for elementary and high school teachers. Training and development managers pull in a median of $111,340, adult literacy instructors $53,630, librarians $59,050, and school and career counselors $56,310. No one ever said a career in education was a sure path to riches, but a Master’s in curriculum and instruction can certainly open up better opportunities. Some of the programs in our 20 best online Master’s in curriculum and instruction offer additional certificates—in technology or specific subject areas like math or English—that look good on a resume and can help with positions that require specialized training. What Are the Best Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction Degrees? We know that you have educational goals that you’re itching to pursue, but you may not know where to start. The editors of College Rank utilize a unique ranking methodology based on the following three aspects: 40% Potential Salary After Graduation: Average mid-career salary of school alumni 30% Institutional Accreditation: Regional and national accreditation for the 2019-2020 school year   30% Overall Degree Affordability: Average cost of undergraduate and graduate tuition per school At College Rank, we strive to do our best to guide you and your family toward a fruitful academic career. The pursuit of knowledge is a noble one, and we want to help you reach your goals. For questions, comments, badge downloads, or data corrections, please feel free to reach out to us at 1Northwest Missouri State University LocationMaryville, MissouriAverage Net Price$11,778More Information Located about 20 miles south of the Iowa border and about 40 miles east of the Nebraska border, Maryville, MO, definitely lives up to the name of its hometown university, Northwest Missouri State. But if you’re interested in a Master’s in curriculum and instruction, chances are you won’t see the campus until commencement. That’s because Northwest Missouri’s degree is 100% online. Emphasizing â€Å"technology, change management, and student engagement,† the 10 courses in the 30-hour program include topics like Visionary School Leadership, Culture and Student Engagement, and Academic Inquiry. The curriculum breaks down into 15 credit hours of core courses and 15 credit hours of subject-field requirements. All classes last seven weeks, and the program can be completed in as little as 12 months. Getting into the Northwest Missouri is pretty simple: Applicants need a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of at least 2.75. Once accepted, they’ll need to complete a writing assessment. Also simple: payment. In-state and out-of-state students pay the same, $11,778, well under the $15,179 average for the top 20 best online Master’s programs in curriculum and instruction.

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Supremacy and Member States - Free Essay Example

A Study of EU Supremacy and Member States Introduction Each of the member states of the European Union have a constitution of some sort; whether its written or otherwise. Most of them have a written constitution (with the United Kingdom being one of the few who doesnt), and this can cause a great many problems when it comes to EU supremacy if it in any way conflicts with their constitution. Although one of the conditions of membership of the European Union is that member states give priority to EU legislation over their own, many were (and still are) unwilling to surrender the authority of their own law. The following essay will explain what is meant by the concept of supremacy of the European Union, then go on to examine the importance of the constitution in Germany and France and their contrasting reactions of the governments and court systems to European supremacy. Finally, these will be compared to the constitution and reactions here in the UK. Supremacy The idea of the supremacy of EU law stems from the fact that in certain situations, the constitution and laws of the member state may conflict with those of the EU. When this happens, the member state in question is meant to ignore their own National laws and let EU law take precedent. As Foster said, it can be looked at from two angles; that of the Union, and that of the member state[1]. While there is no specific provision of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) which expressly regulates the supremacy of EU law over that of member states, but it is implied in Article 4(3) of the TEU with the fidelity clause. This imposes a duty on all member states to ensure that appropriate measures are adopted to ensure that the obligations of the treaty are observed, as well as a negative duty to refrain from acts which might prevent the achievement of any objective of the treaty. The idea of supremacy as it stands today regarding member states was created and developed through a number of im portant cases and rulings; the first of which is Van Gend en Loos v Nederlandse Administratie der Belagstingen[2]. Here, a conflict between the national law of the Netherlands and EU law, and citizens would have had no protection if they had to rely on National law. The European Court of Justice held that the treaty in question was meant to protect individual, and therefore the Netherlands had failed to comply with EU law. It was held that individuals in the Community could uphold their rights under Community law in National courts as member states had limited their sovereignty when becoming part of the EU (although these limits were in the range agreed in the EC Treaty), saying that The Community constitutes a new legal order in international law, for whose benefits the States have limited their sovereignty rights, albeit within limited fields. This was the first time that EU was regarded, if not specifically stated, as superior by the Court of Justice. Costa v ENEL marks the first time that this fact was expressly stated. Here, the issue raised was whether a National court should refer a case to the Court of Justice if Community law may be applicable, or merely use National law. It was held that EU law holds precedent over all contradicting National laws, thus confirming the EUs overall legal supremacy. Regardless of what is held in any case presented or what is specifically stated by the EU, there are still a great many conflicts over their supremacy; especially where a member states Constitution is concerned. Germany The Robert Pattenson State to the EUs Twilight Saga. Germanys Constitution is known as the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, and has been effect since 1949 (in West Germany; 1990 in a reunited Germany). It holds great importance to the nation as its purpose is to ensure that a political dictator could never again take power in the aftermath of World War II, and to establish a stable Government and parliamentary system. Although Germany were one of the founding members of the EU, membership caused some initial problems with regards to the constitution. Mainly, there was a question of the basic principles of Basic Law being under adequate protection under Community Law. This was further aggravated with the Court of Justices decision in Internationale Handelsgesellschaft, in which the ECJ held that not even a elementary principal of a National constitution could be used to challenge the supremacy of EU law. Matters are further complicated when the fact that Germany has five separate courts the ordinary, specialised, social security, labour, and tax as well as the constitutional courts is taken into account. The Federal Tax Court has already refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of EU law in two cases (1981 and 1986), and in the second case contradicted a ruling of the ECJ. Ironically, this violated the German Constitution, which states that no one shall be deprived of their rightful judge (which in this case was the ECJ). Germany is one of (if not the most) reluctant member state to accept EU sovereignty, challenging Community law whenever the opportunity presents itself, to the point that there is a long running saga of them opposing the ECs banana regime. France The Constitution of the Fifth Republic was adopted in 1958, and established France as a secular and democratic country. The French courts are divided in to two factions, ordinary and administrative, as well as the Constitutional court. Despite the fact that they are all subject to Article 55 of the French constitution (which states that Treaties or agreements duly ratified or approved shall, upon publication, prevail over Acts of Parliament, subject, with respect to each agreement or treaty, to its application by the other party), they have had drastically different attitudes towards the integration of EU law. The French ordinary courts had no difficulty in accepting the supremacy of EU law, making Article 267 TFEU (previously Article 234 EC) references to the ECJ and complying with Article 55 of the Constitution. The French Supreme court actually supported EU Supremacy without reference to the constitution due to the direct effect of EU law itself, seen in the case of Cafe V abre[3]. Here, the article now known as Article 110 TFEU was held to succeed over national statue. Consequently, the lower courts have been seen to follow this example. The French administrative courts, however, take a substantially different approach. In fact, the Supreme Administrative Court, Conseil dÃÆ'†°tat, has on occasion completely disregarded EU law supremacy or the necessity to make a reference to the Court of Justice. This comes down to one of the French principals of law, acte clair, which states that if a provision of law is clear, there is no need to make reference to a higher court and is merely to be applied. This can be seen in the case of Minister of the Interior v Cohn-Bendit[4], where it was held that an individual could not rely on directives to challenge the administrative courts. Nevertheless, in more recent times there has been a more accommodating approach when it comes to the acceptance of EU supremacy in the French administrative courts. The two m ost notable cases on this front are Nicolo[5], in which the Conseil dÃÆ'†°tat re-evaluated its view of the supremacy of international law over domestic (chiefly due to Article 55 of the French Constitution), and Boisdet[6], where a piece of incompatible national law was declared invalid due to Community regulations. In light of the overall acceptance of EU law supremacy, the French constitution was amended in 1992 to include Title 15, Articles 88-1 to 88-7. This deals directly with the European Union and the extent of its supremacy in relation to national law. The only issue with this is that the Articles do not explicitly state whether or not Community law takes precedence over the Constitution, and some recent judgements have suggested that international obligations are not automatically supreme. There is still some debate in literature as to the full extent of this. The United Kingdom The United Kingdom is one of the few member states of the EU to have an unwritten constitution. Instead our principals are drawn from various sources written and unwritten which includes both legislation and common law. Because of this, it is held that No act of parliament is unconstitutional, for the law of the land knows not the word or the idea[7]. This can make things easier when it comes to implementing any international obligations imposed by the EU, as there is more flexibility of the constitution. The UK take what is known as a dualist approach, which means that any law passed by the EU that is not directly applicable (under Section 2(1) of the European Communities Act 1972) does not apply under UK domestic law until there is a piece of secondary legislation to give it effect. Section 2(4) of the ECA also deals with the association between EU law and National law without expressly stating that the former has sovereignty. Conclusion This Bibliography Foster on EU Law, [3rd Edition, 2011], N. Foster Law of the European Union, [3rd Edition, 2001], P. Kent The Member States of the European Union, [2005], S. Bulmer and C. Lequesne Constitutional Law of the European Union, [2nd Edition, 2005] Various Authors English Constitutional History, [1967] S.B. Chimes Application of Articles 81 82 EC by the French Ordinary Courts. A Procedural Perspective, [2001] C. MomÃÆ' ¨ge and L. Idot [1] Foster on EU Law [Fourth Edition], 2013, pg 131, chapter 5.1 [2] Van Gend en Loos v Nederlandse Administratie der Belagstingen [1963] E.C.R. 1 [3] Cafe Vabre, [1975] 2 CMLR [4] Minister of the Interior v Cohn-Bendit [1980] 1 CMLR 543 [5] Nicolo, [1990] 1 CMLR 173 [6] Boisdet, [1990] 1 CMLR 3 [7] English Constitutional History, [1967] S.B. Chimes

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Uncertainty in Heart of Darkness and The Stranger Essay

In The Stranger, Albert Camus establishes uncertainty to diffuse the tension surrounding Meursault while in Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad creates uncertainty to intensify the tension around Marlow. Both authors use a first person narrator, which limits the information the reader receives. Also both lead characters miss information though Meursault does so intentionally while Marlow does so unintentionally. Camus enforces the correlation of uncertainty and tension in The Stranger when Meursault gains certainty and the tension that then flows from the book. While the correlation in show in Heart of Darkness when Marlow is uncertain and the tension around him heightens. In both The Stranger and Heart of Darkness, the authors choose a†¦show more content†¦In The Stranger, Meursault voluntarily misses information to alleviate tension while in Heart of Darkness, Marlow misses information unintentionally, which only heightens the tension of his surroundings. These uses of ambi guity lead the readers’ emotions to the desired feeling. When Meursault becomes bored with a conversation he loses focus and the reader loses information. In one conversation with the director, Meursault note, â€Å"The director spoke to me again. But I wasn’t really listening anymore†(Camus 5). Because of Meursault’s lack of focus much information is lost, but with which tension is relieved because, if Meursault does not care the reader also does not. This absence occurs again during the trial’s closing arguments when Meursault sates, â€Å"I stopped listening to the prosecutor† (Camus 100). The closing arguments can be some of the tensest times of a trial but Meursault just dismisses them, which ameliorates the tension of the trial. In Heart of Darkness, Marlow misses information because of circumstances out of his control. When Marlow first sees Kurtz, Marlow hears from a distance, â€Å"A deep voice (that) reached me faintly†(Conr ad 130). Marlow was unable to know what Kurtz was yelling but the idea of his yelling is much more intense than the words that were actually coming out of his mouth. Similarly when awoken by a nearby conversation Marlow only hears, â€Å"bits of absurd sentences that got the better of my drowsiness† (Conrad 91).Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Tell Tale Heart 1110 Words   |  5 Pagesdespicable villains are marked with indifference towards their moral reprehensibility. â€Å"In the Penal Colony† and â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart† both elucidate the idea that corruption, darkness, and immorality alike are unperceivable to the one afflicted. However, while â€Å"In the Penal Colony† suggests that this blind nature is a result of dutiful honor, responsibility, and hope, â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart† alternatively submits that it is a result of the possibility of fulfillment. Distinction between both argumentsRead MoreReality Was Whispering At Me985 Words   |  4 Pages Reality was whispering to me. My vision blurred, and it wasn’t from tears. My sensations stopped working as the hospital hallways grew dark. I grew mad at myself, wondering why I wasn’t crying like my family. Darkness started to consume me, and the whispers in my head told me what I needed to be answered. I didn’t want answers. I screamed in my head that I’m too young to learn now. My ignorance drifted away, leaving me alone with reality welcoming itself into my head. This was theRead MoreAnxiety And Anxiety Of Anxiety964 Words   |  4 Pagesdeceptive cause.† It typically happens when there is no instantaneous threat to a human’s security or comfort, but the hazard textures tangible. Anxiety makes one desire to relieve oneself from a position, in this case as quickly as possible. Their heart rate might increase, with a fallow of sweat and â€Å"flurries of butterflies† in the stomach. Though, anxiety may cause one to stay vigilant and absorbed with things around them. When someone has an Anxiety attack it’s their bodies accepted reactionRead MoreSummary Of Young Goodman Brown 1278 Words   |  6 Pagesair, passed on through the forest, where no church had ever been gathered, nor solitary Christian prayed. Whither, then, could these holy men be journeying, so deep into the heathen wilderness† (558). When one allows the evil that resides within the heart to take control and steer him down paths he would not normally travel, only God knows where it will lead him. Once that lust has one in its grasp and has fully overtaken his thought process, the person will go to any length to obtain what is desiredRead MoreSummary Of The Guardian 2222 Words   |  9 Pagesdown to Earth. His story is muttered between the older disdainfully because this one fell to the lowest point: mortality. His story is revealed to the younger as a warning to not get too involved in the duties assigned. His story is whispered in the darkness by a Guardian all al one as a reminder that solitude is not everlasting. His story is remembered by those who, like him, had found those they d die for, only to watch them wither away like a flower in winter. His story is an Epic. His story is aRead MoreMusic On My Car Ride Home1238 Words   |  5 PagesWesley once said; â€Å"God does nothing on earth save in answer to believing prayer.†[4] My interpretation of this quote in the situation I found myself in was; God answers my believing heart and not my questioning head. That’s probably a very good thing considering I was pretty much out of my head anyways by this time. Stranger in a Strange Land Shortly after I was born, my mom said I peered around the entire hospital room with a squinty eyed look that said, Why?† She said I was inquisitive. And yetRead MoreModernism as an Impact in Society1500 Words   |  6 Pagesmothers corpse, he begins to think of kissing Helen White. Having this thought while sitting next to his dead mother makes him feel guilty, and he begins to weep again. He leaves the room, still crying, overcome by a combination of fright and uncertainty.† (Anderson) However George remember things such when his mother death for that reason he felt loneliness and maybe in some moments he was depressed for both reason; his mother and Helen White. Sherwood in his story â€Å"Sophistication† arguments:Read MoreRevolutionary Ideas Can Be Proposed Through Art And Design1706 Words   |  7 Pagescentury. How has the context contributed to the approach, medium and presentation of the works? Leo Tolstoy described art as â€Å"one of the means of int ercourse between man and man† in his book, ‘What is Art?’(1897).This is true when we stand beside strangers in an art gallery, and gaze at an artist’s work. One might praise the artist’s craftsmanship and the other may criticizing its overarching message. What transpires in this interaction is exactly what Tolstoy wrote about no matter how opposing theRead MoreEssay on Chapter 1: Resurrection1558 Words   |  7 Pagespeaceful and comforting feeling and fell asleep in the embrace of the falling rain. After a while, I opened my eyes and looked around however could scarcely see anything.â€Å"Not again, please!†, I wished wretchedly. A sharp feeling of menace lurking in the darkness inundated me. My earlier hope of peaceful embrace was progressively and gradually darkening until I noticed some lights above. I looked carefully and kept observing in wonder some tiny twinkling holes sprayed on a dark canvas. It seemed speakingRead MoreInteriority In Ed Wood1875 Words   |  8 Pagesmovie making. In film, the motivations behind a character’s actions cannot be seen, so the narrative space of the story can begin to seem pointless and disconnected. In movies focusing on some great quest or task, it is easier to see the mind and heart of a character because their actions are bigger; therefore, the events become contextualized by the interiority of the character. On the other hand, in movies like Ed Wood, the action is ordinary and mundane. This makes the events harder to co ntextualize

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An Accurate Plan Of Care For Older Adults - 1522 Words

As individuals age changes occur physiologically that are part of normal aging. These changes occur in all organ systems and can impact an individual’s quality of life. The changes related to aging can be attributed to an individual’s genetic make up, lifestyle, physical activity, and dietary lifestyle. Being able to differentiate between normal changes in aging against disease process is important because it can help clinicians develop a plan of care (Boltz, Capezuti, Fulmer, Zwicker, 2012). Creating an accurate plan of care for older adults will greatly impact their quality of life. In the case of Anne Morrell there are several normal physiologically changes that impact her quality of life. Anne is experiencing normal aging related changes to her musculoskeletal system. Changes in musculoskeletal tissue occur through the loss of muscle mass and strength which replace lean body mass which fat and fibrous tissue. These changes in tissue cause a decrease in contractile muscle force with increased weakness and fatigue (Boltz, Capezuti, Fulmer, Zwicker, 2012). As discussed in her case study she reports back pain when standing or walking for longer than 15 minutes, needs assistance with steps, ambulates with a cane since she fell last year which affects her mobility and ability to perform her activities of daily living. This loss in Anne’s muscle function greatly increases her chance of falls and she also has an increased risk for disability. Another normal physiologicallyShow MoreRelatedRespiratory Infections And The Aged Adult1737 Words   |  7 PagesRespiratory Infection Related to the Aged Adult Despite the multiple layers of protection the human body has against infection, bacteria and viruses still have the potential to breach the hosts defense system causing a cascade of issues. In addition, the aged adult can experience some changes to the immune system, creating more risk factors for infection. In this paper I will be discussing respiratory infections related to the aged population. Specifically, a literature review will be conducted toRead MorePCMH Ambulatory Care1106 Words   |  5 PagesWhich populations (e.g. adults, children, or older adults) and what conditions/diseases are targeted PCMH Ambulatory Care Health initiatives attentions on the health outcomes of a group of patients; in the PCMH model, such groups of patients, known as panels, may be defined as patients assigned to a care team or provider. The basic characteristics of the PCMH model include physician-led, team-based practice; coordinated and integrated care within the PCMH and in the patient’s community; provisionRead MoreSexually Transmitted Diseases ( Std ) Essay1381 Words   |  6 PagesDiseases (STD) are one of the most common and preventable health care problems in the world. The ageism of the population and the increase in the number of older adults, along with healthcare advances that provide better and longer quality of life, has encourage changes in sexuality amongst older adults. This increase has prompted healthcare workers to familiarize themselves with the sexuality of older adults. In this report, I plan to discuss the significance of this topic, the concern for the publicRead MoreMedicare : A Form Of Social Insurance1050 Words   |  5 PagesBackground on Medicare Medicare is a form of social insurance. It provides several types of health insurance to its beneficiaries. The large majority of those who benefit from medicare are people who are 65 years old or older. There are some exceptions to this for people under the age requirement but have certain disabilities or diseases. Medicare is made up of four parts: A, B, C, and D. Medicare part A is Hospital Insurance. This means that it covers the costs associated with a hospital visit,Read MoreThe Importance Of Quality Assurance And Performance Improvement1558 Words   |  7 Pagesimprove the care of the elderly population, especially in nursing homes. Throughout the paper, the general changes that the older adults go through their life will be discussed. Overview of five articles that are related to the elements of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) will be given. Furthermore, this paper will examine physical and emotional changes that elderly go through. It will also focus on quality and improvement initiatives that can take place in different care facilitiesRead MoreTreatment Of Geriatric Depression : A Randomized Controlled Trial1699 Words   |  7 PagesOfficial Journal of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry, 19(10), 839–850. Article 1 Older adults with depression reported to have more physical illnesses and chronic pain; frailty; psychomotor retardation; or agitation, anxiety, cognitive impairment, anorexia, or weight loss than younger depressed adults. Lavretsky’s et al. study focused on the effect of taking escitalopram, a SSRI, and participating in either a mind-body exercise, Tai Chi ChihRead MoreSubstance Abuse in Older Populations1147 Words   |  5 Pagesfunctional and social habits that support substance use. As adults age, they are often unable to do the social things they have been accustomed to. This is when many elderly persons begin to display problems doing the tasks of daily life. The option of taking a pill with the promise that it will aid in living independently is often a viable option for the elderly. This desire to remain independent is an important part in the complex treatment plan that is established when it comes to assisting an elderlyRead MoreKeeping Healthcare Affordable For All Citizens Essay1376 Words   |  6 Pagesaffordable for all citizens is important. Every person in this country should have the basic right to health care. The article Rights to Healthcare in the United States: Inherently Unstable discuss the rights people should have for healthcare as well as how Medicare and Medicaid came about. This paper discusses some points I agreed with in the article and different ways our country can improve health care. Reflection Paper Module Three After four decades of failure to enact a universal healthcare programRead MoreThe Common Illness of Diabetes1763 Words   |  7 Pagesabout 90-95% of all the diabetic population in the US (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). High cases of type II diabetes are common in people over the age of 45 (Diagnoses of diabetes, 2012). Type II diabetes is more prevalent in older population and women consist of about half of the diabetic population (Office on Women’s Health, 2009). The risk factors for developing type II diabetes in women over 45 include age, family history, obesity, race, and history of gestational diabetesRead MoreThe Oral Health Status Between Older Adults And The White Population Essay727 Words   |  3 PagesArticle Analysis I Quandt, S. A. (2009). Disparities in Oral Health Status Between Older Adults in a Multiethnic Rural Community: The Rural Nutrition and Oral Health Study. Journal Of The American Geriatrics Society, 57(8), 1369-1375. In an attempt to compare the status of oral health between the African American, American-Indian communities and the white population, the researchers carried out their research in the rural counties of North Carolina. The participant pool consisted of 635 people who

Discrimination For Being A Felon - 956 Words

Discrimination for being a felon causes homelessness A problem I have noticed in my community is homelessness. A portion of the homeless is due to being unable to rent a house because of having a criminal history. According to the Pierce County Homeless Point-in-Time Report there were 1526 cases of homelessness reported in the county this does not count the induvial people it is measured by head of households. 73% of those cases reported that the head of house hold had a criminal history. That is a large amount of people, including whole families that are homeless over this matter. These people are living in shelters or with friends and family because they are unable to rent their own place. This is all because they have a criminal record, and now the record is being used to judge and discriminate against. One would think this would fall under the fair housing act. Sadly you couldn’t be more wrong in fact Robert Wise said â€Å"To give felons the protection of the Fair Housing Act protects them from the consequences of their own conduct. No such protection is presently afforded to anyone by the fair Housing Act†. And he couldn’t be more wrong it’s not protection against the consequence of the action, its giving someone an even playing field, it’s allowing a person to obtain a home for their family, and have dignity. And let me add some more madness to this already un-just issue, most of these people have jobs, and can afford to ren t and pay utilities, but yet they findShow MoreRelated Employment Discrimination Against Black Felons: The New Jim Crow Era1242 Words   |  5 PagesOne example of the new Jim Crow Era is Sonya Jennings. Sonya is a felon as well as an African American mother. She was given an eight years probation after being arrested for possession of narcotics. Since Sonya is now tagged as a felon, she does not have the right to vote, she cannot receive public welfare, and she faces job discrimination (Alexander). The Jim Crow system has been planned in America today, legalizing discrimination for people with past criminal activity’s and records (Alexander)Read MoreOppression Is The Root Of Many Conflicts Today s Society993 Words   |  4 Pages Oppression is at the root of many conflicts in today’s society. I refer to such conflicts as racism, ageism, sexism, discrimination and so forth. It exists within anything that involves power. For example, oppression is greater towards the African American population, especially when it comes to the authority of law enforcement or even dating all the way back to slavery. Everyone has experienced oppression in their lives before whether they realized it or not. Oppression is what makes life hardRead MoreThe s Actions Were On Substantive Concerns As A Result Of Consequences Legal Formalism Created Essay1089 Words   |  5 Pagesindividually signing orders to give back voting rights to individuals the VA Supreme Court did not stand in his way of doing so because his actions were within the law. I think Gov. McAuliffe’ decision to individually restore the voting rights of felons is illegitimate because his actions did not fall under every part of legal-rational authority that he does have. Under legal-rational authority, obedience to laws are expected because the laws are seen as legitimate, administrative leaders in theRead MoreThe Death Of A Felon s Proper Reintegration Into Society1588 Words   |  7 Pages A practice that has been used in the United States of America since its conception, disenfranchisement allows for a state to remove the rights of a convicted criminal, more commonly a felon, upon release from the penitentiary. Most of the time these rights are limited to the right to bear arms, as well as the right to vote and run for public office, because they are considered dangerous criminals. For centuries now, the American people have justified this practice through the use of fearmongeringRead MoreAnalysis Of Orange Is The New Black 1134 Words   |   5 Pagesscene from the show â€Å"Orange is the New Black† ( This scene displays an interaction between two prisoners and friends, Poussey and Taystee. Poussey is furious with Taystee for ending up back in prison after being released. Taystee attempts to explain herself by claiming that prison is easier than attempting to live a normal life after prison. Poussey smacks Taystee and angrily states that her mom passed away while she was in prison and she wasn’t there to sayRead MoreBan The Box Or Fair Chance Policy Essay1416 Words   |  6 Pagescurrently in the works for ending the discrimination of ex-convicts and ex-felons when seeking employment due to their criminal history. This policy gives previously and recently released ex-convicts and ex-felons the chance to achieve a long lasting stable employment. It gives the recently increased for the employers consider a job candidate’s qualifications first, without the s tigma of a criminal record. This policy touch on the bases on the individuals being released from correctional institutionsRead MoreMass Incarceration In Michelle Alexanders The New Jim Crow Laws1083 Words   |  5 Pagesfor whites, when they existed at all. In addition, blacks were systematically denied the right to vote in most of the rural South through the selective application of literacy tests and other racially motivated criteria (PBS). Despite Jim Crow laws being abolished in 1964 when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, some have argued that today’s mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow. Michelle Alexander, an associate professor of law at Ohio State University, outlines her argumentRead MoreThe New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander1313 Words   |  6 Pagescampaign depicting drug-related crime with African-American faces. Meanwhile political figures capitalizing on the War on Drugs by creating such laws as the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. M ichelle Alexander also touch on how individual being released from prison as felons and many African-American men can’t achieve the proper rehabilitation needed to reenter society. The purpose of this paper is to review Michelle Alexander’s explanation of mass incarceration of African-American men due to policies thatRead MoreMichelle Alexander Mass Incarceration1601 Words   |  7 Pagesincluding Stanford Law School, where she was an associate professor of law and directed the Civil Rights Clinics. Alexander published the book  The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. In it, she argues that systemic racial discrimination in the  United States  has resumed following the  Civil Rights Movements gains; the resumption is embedded in the US  War on Drugs  and other governmental policies and is having devastating social consequences. She considers the scope and impact ofRead MoreThe New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander1316 Words   |  6 Pagesmonopolize on the campaign depicting drug-related crime with African-American faces. Meanwhile, political figures capitalizing on the War on Drugs by creating such laws as the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. Michelle Alexander also touches on how individual being released from prison as felonss and many African-American men can’t achieve the proper rehabilitation needed to reenter society. The purpose of this paper is to review Michelle Alexander’s explanation of mass incarceration of African-American men due

Technology The Role it Plays in Everyday Life free essay sample

Technology: The Role It Plays In Everyday Life Just recently, our class had the assignment of 24 hours unplugged where we all had to go without technology for 24 hours. I cant honestly say that I enjoyed my unplugged experience. Television is not a big thing to me, although there are a few shows I do enjoy. The internet, computer, and phone I use daily, more than once, so that was a really tough thing for me to handle. My day was completely different in terms of logistics, as I use the computer daily for my school work and email, so I had a lot of difficulty being able to do any school work, or work in general. I also use the phone to contact my family, friends, and boyfriend. I did not enjoy this aspect of living unplugged. I definitely hated the fact that I could not do any work or talk to anyone. Plus I am nosey so I love to watch the news and know what is going on daily, and I couldnt do that either. I would say that it was easy when I first began, but as the hours went on, I got bored and I would have to say that I gave up. I dont think psychological effects really played a big part, honestly. It is clear to me now, that technology definitely plays a big role in our society, maybe even bigger than people end to realize. In looking over the results of my whole class, I would say that about half of us were able to successfully complete this task, as the other half was un-able to successfully complete the task of going unplugged for 24 hours. Sarah OSullivan, for instance, was able to complete the assignment, although she stated, At 9 when I finally checked my phone I had a lot of missed messages and an angry boyfriend. Maybe I should have warned him about the assignment.. The only reason I think this was successful for me was the fact that I was mostly distracted by workA(OSullivan, 2013). I would have to say that I definitely understand the part of her boyfriend being upset because if I did not live with my boyfriend and did not answer him he definitely would be upset. Sarah OSullivan also states in the same sentence that she felt her working was what made this assignment easier for her. I feel that maybe if I had a job, I too, may have been successful. Brianna Johnson, another classmate of mine, like me, was unable to successfully complete the 24 hour unplugged experience. She states During those seven hours, I found is aggravating that even though I had my phone on me I could not touch it, it as hard to keep track of everything without my phone, my phone is literally my life00hnson, 2013). I can relate with her because my computer is my life. Like I stated above, I am constantly on the internet, checking email, doing my work, and surfing the web. I feel like at times I need my computer, or it is like I have withdrawals from it. It is a little absurd if you ask me. There was one other comment that Brianna made that I really liked. She states, l felt as if a piece of me had been taken away, like I was not myself anymore. You would never really think that technology would have such a big ffect on people, but in this day and age, where the world is all about technology, and it is constantly evolving, it actually plays a tremendous part in our everyday lives. The University of Maryland held this same study for their students. It seemed that they were not successful either. I think that our class was probably a lot more successtul at this than they were, although we are a small class, they ne d the study with 200 students. Some students stated that they were having withdrawals; they were unable to live without texting or Facebook, and those that Just simply could not do this assignment (University of Maryland). It is incredible, because one student from the University of Maryland, pointed out that it is not Just teenagers or young adults, ages 18-21 , who are so addicted to technology nowadays (University of Maryland). Another students states that When we began our assignment, I could not help noticing while walking down the hallways of the dorms, how many stereos and televisions were simply blaring, and that other students were glued to their phones or of Maryland). It really makes me wonder why so many people are so addicted to technology nowadays, and more so than ever before. I understand that echnology is a major basis of everyday lives, but honestly there are some days that I could really do without. I do not want to be bothered; therefore, I will shut the ringer off on my phone, turn my television off, and sometimes Just sleep or soak in the warm bathtub. I have watched my little brother become so involved with the gaming on gaming systems and computers that he no longer has interest in anything else. We literally have to peel him away from the games. His friends will come to the door to ask him to come out and play, and his usual response is, Hold on, I am in the middle of the game. It sickens me sometimes. I will call him on the telephone, and if I happen to ask him about one of his games, he can go on for literally hours and hours about the game and the things that go on. It worried me after we read the article on Relationships: Connection, Intimacy, and Self-Image, especially when they stated that according to a research study, teenage boys who spend at least 30 hours per week on gaming systems can be prone to developing social disorders, depression and anxiety problems(Steyer, P. 31). My brother spends way more than 30 hours a week. If he had his choice, the only friends he would have are those who are gamers s well. I will say that he does manage to keep his grades up, but as stated before, the only thing he does in his free time is play those darn games. It really makes me worry about him. Of course, I am sure, we have all played games in our lives, but to spend all of your free time on a game cant be to healthy nor good for a person, particularly a younger person. It really boggles my mind, seeing how technology really affects our world. I know that it was extremely hard for me to succeed going without technology, and I do not use Facebook, nor do I have cell phone. I am sure if I did, it would have been even orse for me. I see people that are so addicted to Facebook that they are constantly on Just to see how many likes they got, or if a new friend request was received. I also tend to see people glued to their phones, whether they are talking or texting. At one point, I did have a cell phone and it caused many fghts between my boyfriend and me. Heaven forbid I received a text message and did not respond instantly. It was, what are you doing, why arent you answering me and who are you with? It was insane to me to argue over a text, call, or even Facebook, that I ended up saying I am completely done with it. Technology consumes us as a whole.

Australia Security and Investment Commission - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about the Australia Security and Investment Commission. Answer: Introduction The companies in Australia are required to follow the different provisions which are provided in the Corporations Act, 2001, which is an act of the commonwealth of Australia (Cassidy, 2006). Under this act, the officers and the directors of the company are provided certain responsibilities which have to be fulfilled properly in order for the person in question to be deemed to have discharged their duties in a proper manner, and also while exercising their powers (Latimer, 2012). Such responsibility has been imposed over the directors as they are the individuals who run the business of the company on behalf of the shareholders pursuant to section 198(1) of this act (Austlii, 2018). Gore v ASIC [2017] FCAFC 13 is a good example of the possibility of corporate advisors, directors or officers of company being made responsible for breach of duties set out under the Corporations Act. This is particularly true when such individuals are deemed as accessory to such contraventions. This case was related to provisions covered under part 6D.2 of this act which relates to disclosure requirements (Austlii, 2017). Background of this case An appeal was made by Marina Gore against the order of the court. This appeal was based on imposition of injunction of 7.5 years based on section 1324 of this act. This led to Marina being restricted from indulging in any kind of business in the nations financial service industry. The court held that the provisions of the governing act had been contravened by Gore, particularly the first two subsections of section 727 of this act. This was because Gore had made offer of securities without the requisite disclosure documents, in addition to breach of section 1014H. Section 12DA of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act, 2001 had also been contravened in this case as per the court. This was owing to the indulgence of Marina in deceptive and the misleading conduct. A cross appeal was also made by the ASIC in this matter. This was due to inappropriateness of injunction stating of 7.5 years (Macredie, 2017). The issue of this case was related to the possible breach of section 727 of this act for the reasons of Gore being indulged in accessorial liability. Duties breached Rules Under section 79 of this act, the provisions for accessorial liability are given. This section provides that a person has to be made liable in a personal manner for contravening the sections of this legislation as being an accessory by another person, where the same is proved to the satisfaction of court that the initial person took part in contraventions of second person. In order for being a part of the contravention, the person needs to be involved in conspiring with the other person, and also needs to be indulged in inducing, counselling, abetting, procuring or aiding in either indirect or direct manner, and in a manner which was in the knowledge of the concerned party (Australian Government, 2018). Section 727 of the Corporations Act provides that there is a need for properly lodging the disclosure document in cases of securities being offered. Section 727(1) particularly states that an offer should not be made and also application should not be distributed for offering securities. This restricted is put till such period where the disclosure documents are lodged with ASIC. These disclosure documents have to be as per provisions of Part 6D.2. Section 727(2) provides that there is a need to include offer form in these documents. If this cannot be done, the offer form has to be attached to such documents (WIPO, 2015). Under this section, the offering of securities is restricted, along with restrictions on distribution of the application form for making an offer of securities, which are needed as per the disclosers made to the investors based on Part 6D.2, till the time: Prospectus used for an offer: Offer or the form needs to cover the prospectus, or has to be accompanied by the copy of such prospectus. Prospectus and profile statement used for an offer: Offer or the form needs to cover the prospectus and profile statement, or has to be accompanied by the copy of such prospectus or profile statement. Offer information statement used for an offer: Offer or the form needs to cover the prospectus, or has to be accompanied by the copy of such offer information statement. In this matter, Yorke v Lucas [1985] HCA 65 was deemed as an important reference point. The quoted case presented that during the civil proceedings, the essential elements of the particular breach had to be shown. This is to show the contravention had taken place. This was important in context of holding a person as accessory of breach. Merely showing that the person had the knowledge about the facts could not be deemed as a breach (Haarsma Lawyers, 2009). Furthermore, the contravention needs to require an intentional participation and intent on the basis of knowledge of these elements (Jade, 2018a). Another precedent holding significance here was Giorgianni v The Queen [1985] HCA 29. This case presented lesions for criminal law requirements in context of holding a person as accessory. Based on this case, there was a need to show intent, instead of showing that the person ordered the acts to be done. This matter was related to offence attracting strict liability under the criminal law. And the culpable driving of this case was related to defective brakes (Jade, 2018b). The statue provided that the person had to aid, abate, counsel or procure in a different person who drove in a dangerous manner as a result of which grievous bodily harm was caused or death was caused. In such cases, the initial person had to be convicted of a specific offence which was related to culpable driving. The plaintiff lacked the knowledge of the defect in braking system. Yet, the party appealing in this matter was convicted (High Court of Australia, 2018). The third precent quoted in this matter was Johnson v Youden [1950] 1 KB 544. In Johnson, the court had held that in order to hold an individual as an accessory for any offence, the individual needs to know regarding the essential elements on which the offence had been formed. In lay mans terms, there is no need of the person holding the knowledge of the committing of offence. This is due to the fact that the person could lack the knowledge of the offence being actually committed. Also, citing ignorance of law is not a valid defence (Davies, 2015). A number of cases were cited in this decision and the next precent was ASIC v Adler [2002] NSWSC 171. The reason for citing this case was for knowledge to be actual instead of being constructive. The company and the defendant were deemed as accessory to breach of director duties. They were held liable due to applicability of section 79 of Corporations Act. And they were accessory of Raymond Williams (Justis, 2018). This case had Williams passing on the instructions. And the transactions were undertaken here on Adlers initiatives. Thus, it was stated by the court that both Williams and Adler had violated these provisions in a knowing manner. Further, it could not be denied by them that they were aware of the factual elements resulting in contravention, and this was true even when both Williams and Adler had considered that the transaction had been undertaken at arms length principle (Austlii, 2002). Application For establishing the accessorial liability there is a need to show that the contravention which has been alleged for the securities had been offered or an application had been distributed by Gore for the securities offer. Also, there is a need to prove that the disclosures under part 6D.2 were required to be made to the investors. The last requirement is to show that no information statement, profile statement or prospectus had been submitted to ASIC. It was held that securities in this matter had been offered. Also, there was a distribution of application. Based on the situation, there was a need for lodging the disclosure document and this situation had to be this offers contents. Gore had clear knowledge of all this and yet failed in filing the disclosure document with ASIC (Jade, 2017). This case saw extensive consideration being given to the knowledge of Gore in being a part of the contraventions. The viewpoint adopted here was based on the precedents. The precedent was particularly related to failure in holding the elements of section 727(1) being present. It had been stated earlier that the only thing which had to be shown by the ASIC was the defendants had the requisite knowledge in the matter of two elements, and that they did not have to show that they were aware of disclosers based on the sections of Corporations Act, as had been elucidated in the previous segment. In this case, reference had to be made to the quoted cases where it was not required to show before that the court that the alleged accessory held the knowledge regarding the provisions in statute, which could have resulted in the conduct of the leading breaching party being unlawful; and that the only requirement was to establish the awareness of the accessory regarding the related matter associat ed with the unlawfulness. In this case, the relevant information was the knowledge of facts regarding the need of disclosures, instead of the requirement being placed through the governing legislation (Jade, 2017). As highlighted earlier, provisions of Criminal Code were involved here. However, these were not applied in this case. The reason for the same was the lack of these provisions being raised. Without doing so, the court could not consider these. Even though the matter was related to criminal offence, it never went to the court for holding the same. Court had the option of upholding the finding of first instance despite the failure in applicability of Criminal Code, and even for determining the matter based on the law, for the same to be remitted. In the matter of accessorial liability, it could be shown to be present in this case in a clear manner. This is due to the knowledge of the offers contents which were a proof of requirements of such disclosures. There was a clear presence of provisions of Part 6D.2 in this case since the ignorance of law could not be deemed as a valid excuse (Jade, 2017). Conclusion and Courts Decision This case saw the court considering that ASIC had to show the presence of fault elements of criminal court for getting the civil remedies for the violations of provisions of the governing act, due to the securities having being offered without a prospectors. This had been undertaken through the appeal and cross appeal of this matter (Mondo Visione, 2017). The criminal code had not been applied in this case by the court since the same had not been applied in the initial case, and this happened even when the fault elements could be regarded as the particular offence. After taking into consideration all of these issues, it was concluded by the court that the decision which had been given by the initial judge had been right for the contravention of section 727 by Gore. This led to the grounds covered under the modified notice of appeal being dismissed by the court. Thus, Gores appeal had been rejected along with the rejection of cross appeal made by ASIC. It was held by the court that the primary judge had properly reflected over the culpability of the issue; and the breaches of Corporation Act by Gore had just been a part of the grand scheme. So, the appealing party had to pay the cost of cross appeal, and vice versa (Austlii, 2017). References Austlii. (2002). ASIC v Adler and 4 Ors [2002] NSWSC 483 (30 May 2002). Retrieved from: Austlii. (2017). Gore v Australian Securities and Investments Commission [2017] FCAFC 13 (13 February 2017). Retrieved from: Austlii. (2018). Corporations Act 2001. Retrieved from: Australian Government. (2018) Corporations Act 2001. Retrieved from: Cassidy, J. (2006). Concise Corporations Law. 5th ed. NSW: The Federation Press. Davies, P.S. (2015). Accessory Liability. Oxford: Hart Publishing. Haarsma Lawyers. (2009). Case Study - Misleading and Deceptive Conduct - Yorke v Lucas - Oct 6, 2009. Retrieved from: High Court of Australia. (2018). Giorgianni v The Queen. Retrieved from: Jade. (2017). Gore v Australian Securities and Investments Commission [2017] FCAFC 13. Retrieved from: Jade. (2018a). Yorke v Lucas. Retrieved from: Jade. (2018b). Giorgianni v R. Retrieved from: Justis. (2018). ASIC v Adler 4 Ors 2002. Retrieved from: Latimer, P. (2012). Australian Business Law 2012 (31st ed.). Sydney, NSW: CCH Australia Limited. Macredie, R. (2017). Gore v Australian Securities and Investments Commission [2017] FCAFC 13. Retrieved from: Mondo Visione. (2017). ASIC: Application Of Criminal Code In Civil Proceedings Under Corporations. Retrieved from: WIPO. (2015). Corporations Act 2001. Retrieved from:

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The Boat by Alistair Macleod Essay Example For Students

The Boat by Alistair Macleod Essay The Boat by Alistair Macleod is narrated by a boy who has experienced immense grief due to the loss of his dad during his childhood. As the prose is non-fictional, the narrator revolves around his emotions and feelings about the damage done to him in first person; this allows the reader to identify and sympathize with the character since he directly shares his feelings with the reader. The significance of death is clearly shown with the help of an active voice as it is used almost throughout the passage to show how receptive and thoughtful the character is while recovering from his dreadful loss. We will write a custom essay on The Boat by Alistair Macleod specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The death of the character’s father is of high significance; words such as â€Å"terrible fear† exhibit the anxiety concerning the death of the character’s father. Just in order to take his mind off as â€Å"he’s afraid to be alone with death†, he indulges in activities that distract him from the idea of death. The narrator has used sound imagery as he makes â€Å"loud splashing ineffectual noises† to make himself feel better. Rhyming words such as â€Å"fumbling† and â€Å"mumbling† have been used to show the uneasiness the character’s going through. The narrator uses images like â€Å"grey corpses on the overflowing ashtray† which laden with connotations of death to depict his predicament, mirroring his emotional state. Grey, as a colour is considered to be negative. He spoke about everything that was depressing. Every activity that the character did portrayed some form of negativity. The season during this phase was winter; this itself makes readers visualize gloominess, it sets a depressing mood for the whole passage. The author has used phrases like â€Å"cold walk† to portray indifference. The narrator gains sympathy as he agrees to the waitress by saying â€Å"it sure is; it really is†. The coffee he drinks is apparently â€Å"always bitter†, ‘bitter’ is a negative connotation. The phrases, â€Å"There were only echoes and shadows† and â€Å"morning’s darkness† makes readers draw bizarre melancholic images. The narrator relates between the past and the present; intricate details are sketched in his mind. He imagined the various things his father used to do and all the activities connected to him such as the shore bound men â€Å"blowing their hands† and â€Å"stomping their feet†; detailed imagery has been used here for readers to have clear picture of what the narrator’s expressing. Sooner or later the narrator does â€Å"realize† that he’s â€Å"foolishly alone†. The word, ‘foolishly’ tells us that he has always been in his own fantastical world believing that his dad was probably still with him. Reality tells him the truth as he compares what he had: the â€Å"call†, â€Å"voices†, â€Å"shapes† and the â€Å"boat† to what he has now: â€Å"shadows and echoes†, â€Å"voices from the rain† and â€Å"cuttings from and old movie†. The past contrasts with the present, as readers notice more negativity in the latter. There is clear evidence that narrator’s father is closely connected to the boat as he says, â€Å"no one waits at the base of the stairs and no boat rides restlessly in the waters†, in this phrase, he is associating the boat and presumably, his dad. The descriptions of the narrator’s father tells readers that he spent majority of his time in the sea as he â€Å"smelled of salt† and â€Å"tasted of salt†. One chief factor that reminded the narrator about his father was the â€Å"odour of salt†. The author has used sound imagery once again by inserting phrases like â€Å"sound of his rubber boots galumphing†, this allows the readers to picture a man who has a heavy, thunderous walk. Also, the rubber boots might have helped him to avoid the sand from entering considering he spent large amounts of time near the sea. The â€Å"shaggy whiteness† of his hair tells us that he was an elderly man. .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d , .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .postImageUrl , .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d , .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d:hover , .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d:visited , .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d:active { border:0!important; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d:active , .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ubcd607061cb1ea0a8450a5e3da93133d:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: How to Tame a Wild Tongue and The Squirrel Mother EssayAfter deep extensive reading of the passage do readers realize that the narrator is a teacher who has been low-spirited for ten wholesome years with a clear memory of intricate details regarding his father and his childhood activities. However, there are a few ambiguities. He mentions at the beginning of the second paragraph, â€Å"at such times†, it is slightly confusing about which ‘times’ is he talking about. At the beginning of the fifth paragraph he mentions, â€Å"Three or four of us†, were they just random people or similar people who he could relate to, is to some extent ambiguous. The whole passage is in present tense; this allows readers to connect immediately with what the narrator’s saying as it gives a feeling of something that’s happening while the reader is reading. Macleod has used a wide range of imagery, figurative speech, as well as appropriate diction in order to bring out his purpose and meaning to the readers. The image of the boat tends to carry out literal and figurative significance in many parts of the passage. The narrator seems afraid of death only because of his father’s death; he seemed to have been extremely close to his father. He also appears to have a lack of freedom; he wants to let go of the past and move into the present however, the fear pulls him down. Overall, the narrator is extremely expressive which helps in being effective as his meaning and feelings are put across to the readers in the best way possible.

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Fordham Social Work Admission Essay Samples

Fordham Social Work Admission Essay SamplesDo you want to get your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples read and approved by a Fordham admissions committee? This may be the best idea you have ever had.There are thousands of schools that offer these forms in different variations, but Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples may be the best things you will ever get into. After all, if you study hard enough to get them into school, how difficult can it be to get accepted into college? Right?So, if you think this is just another way to get your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples in front of a committee, think again. This form is exactly what you need to be on top of your application. You can relax as your admission essay takes over your life. You will spend so much time thinking about it, you will forget all about schoolwork.There are several ways to approach your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples, which are not very complex, but you will find yourself at a l oss at times. If you want to get your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples read and approved, there are many strategies you can use. It is up to you to take charge of your admission and let the committee know just how much you want to get into Fordham Social Work.By carefully selecting the essays for your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples, you will learn how important it is to focus on the story behind the essay. You will learn more about how to write an essay as you go along.It is important to remember that your Fordham Social Work Admissions Essay samples should give readers a solid understanding of the subject you are trying to cover. Don't focus on trivia and don't worry about proving yourself. Just be sure that your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples make your reader see how much you can contribute to the Ivy League School.Whether your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples were written or they were handed out to you by admissions committee member s, the best thing is to get them read and approved. The best way to do this is to submit them to Fordham's Admissions Department. They will be able to give you their careful review other people's essays for you.This way, you will be able to ensure that every student that reads your Fordham Social Work Admission Essay samples has the best chance to get in. If you have never used these forms in college, you will be amazed by just how good they can be. Once you read them over, they will be no problem at all.

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Battles and Battle Techniques essays

Battles and Battle Techniques essays Many battles happened during Romes reign over its Empire. Although many, I will only name a few as well as some of their techniques that helped them ensure a victory. Probably Romes most famous battles came from the Punic Wars. A revolt in Messana, Sicily, provided the opportunity the Romans were looking for. Asked for help against the Phoenicians, the Romans sent in an expeditionary force, small, but sufficient to send the Phoenician group back to Carthage. Carthage responded by sending in a larger force, to which the Romans responded with a full consular army. In 262 B.C. Rome won many small victories, giving it control over almost the entire island. But the Romans needed control of the sea for final victory and Carthage was a naval power. With both sides balanced, the war continued for 20 more years until the war-weary Phoenicians just gave up in 241. Rome eventually defeated Carthage altogether and in a burst of anger, decided to destroy the entire city, then pour salt all over it so nothing would grow on it ever again. Many other great battles took place as Caesar triumphed in Gaul, north of Italy. There he conquered the whole area but only for his personal gain and to get a Triumph when he returned to Rome. Now, some of Romes battle techniques, strategies and basic military tactics. Your basic Roman soldier wore a tunic, but with barely any armor, carried and shield but more often than not just slung it over is soldier when not in battle, held a spear and wore two belts around his waist with a dagger in one and a sword in the other. Roman helmets were usually made of copper and the solider would often scratch is name on it to signify ownership. Now Im going to go into some detail about Romes most famour battle technique, the phalanx. Then Roman phalanx was quick, strong, and an effective way to ...

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Business Model Innovation

This growth has largely been driven by socio-economic and political imperatives to improve rural livelihood and by technological innovation. Based on a content analysis of 232 scholarly articles, the literature is categorized into four focal lenses: technology, institutional, viability and user-centric. We ? nd that the ? rst two dominate the RE debate. The viability lens has been used less frequently, whilst the user-centric lens began to engage scholars as late as 2007. However, there are business models that avoid this problem: in Bangladesh, the operational risk remained with Grameen Shakti, although ownership was immediately transferred to the customer (Alamgir, 1999). We found no single RE paper that explicitly incorporated these replacement costs and associated risks in their analysis of the purchasing decision. Â  Reliability The reliability of electricity provision is an important parameter in the customer’s decision-to-connect. We understand reliability as a combination of quality, service level and suf? ciency (timely delivery of desired quantity). Peters et al. (2010) con? rm that locally conceived projects could overcome barriers that would otherwise arise, while Hossein Mondal et al. (2010) state that involving local stakeholders will facilitate RET diffusion. Involving the community from the conception stage thus reduces the ‘not invented here syndrome’ and improves acceptance of new technologies. They conclude that technology push projects seldom involve local communities and that this lack of involvement might be one of the crucial reasons for their demise. On an outcome level, Reiche et al. (2000) state that giving local communities ownership will also increase sustainability.

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LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR (520) - Case Study Example 171). In order to foster good relationship with the customers, it is imperative that the employees know how the customers form perceptions, what factors play a role in affecting their perceptions about the salespersons or the company’s products for the better and worse, and what behaviors in the salespersons are appreciated by the customers. Since statistics are available that reflect that the employees who have had good terms with the customers have outperformed their coworkers in terms of sales, understanding the process of formation of perceptions and development of attributed by the customers becomes very important for Joe’s employees. Suitability of Leaning Theories Several learning theories are suitable for Joe to apply in this situation that include but are not limited to operant conditioning learning theory and social learning theory. While there are certain theories that apply more in the case under consideration as compared to others, none can be completely re futed as most learning theories apply at least to some extent. ... Employees come in the company and try their fortune by executing their individualistic behaviors; for some, it works whereas for others, it does not. Employees are only able to find out the impact of their behaviors on their ability to make sales after they have executed their behaviors as part of the company’s workforce. Likewise, since the employees are provided with the opportunity to earn certain commission on the list price, they are motivated to make more sales to make more commission which makes it obvious that the reward is tied to the performance, thus justifying the suitability of the operant conditioning theory for Joe in this case. On the other hand, the social learning theory is also suitable for application in this case because many behaviors are learnt by the employees in the workplace. For example, employees can witness that their coworkers who have fostered good relations with the customers are able to make more sales as compared to other employees who do not manage to develop as good relations with the customers. Having observed this, employees feel intrinsically motivated to take steps to develop good relations and association with the customers. However, certain end up achieving this successfully whereas others fail to develop good relations with the customers, and the social learning theory provides rationale for this difference. According to social learning theory, while people may observe what behaviors lead to success in a particular setting, it is not imperative that this learning brings a change in their behavior. Although the employees know the importance of fostering good relationships with the employees, yet they fail to enhance their sales because this learning did not cause them to